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In this age of increasing costs such as the Working Time Directive and additional regulatory requirements, you need a logistics solution which works for you.

Our flagship FreightMap product is a robust, high performance and scalable logistics solution which we can supply in a range of configurations to suit particular types of transport operations. Additionally, we can tailor most aspects for any particular area of your business.

FreightMobile, our in vehicle telematics system is one of the most complete and fully featured products on the market today.

IMG: Example picture Whether on the road or in the office, our comprehensive suite of logistics software offers tangible cost savings and performance improvements.
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Spotlight on Telematics

Telematics is an emerging technology within the transport sector, encompassing a range of technologies within a vehicle including Automatic Vehicle Location, Electronic POD and Satellite Navigation.

Many of the offerings facilitate only one or two of the features. As a fleet operator you would be required to obtain a number of disparate telematics systems from a range of providers. It is unlikely that these systems would be able to integrate with your office based logistics software.

FreightMobile includes Automatic Vehicle Location, Electronic POD and Satellite Navigation within one unit. It is also fully integrated within Freightmap at your office.

Future plans for FreightMobile include the options of low bridge warnings and safety camera alerts as a no cost upgrade. This will truly offer a single solution for the diverse requirements of modern telematics systems.

Recent additions
IMG: Example picture A recent addition to Freightmap is barcode printing and scanning. This no cost upgrade has saved one fleet operator 15 man hours per week during POD matching.